Weekend Cat Blogging #257


Working the angles.

(He watches America’s Next Top Model)



This will be my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by Jules and Vincent at Judi’s Mind Over Matter.

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  1. says

    Cute Pam!!

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day! So happy that you had good news from the doctors…hopefully now, you can have a very happy spring/summer.

    Hugs, Nancy

  2. says

    Your kitty photos always fascinate me. Our dog runs and hides when she hears me turn on my camera.

    Smudge and Pachouli have no inhibitions about being models, do they!!

  3. says

    Hi Pam, I am absolutely thrilled that your health problem has resolved itself. Prayers are answered!!! Hope you celebrated BIGTIME.

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!! We’re home from the beach –and I’ll post in the morning. Had a wonderful time –but it’s nice to be home.

    One of my sons is visiting me on my ‘special’ day today!!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day.