Weekend Cat Blogging #258


May is a very busy month in the Sidewalkshoes household.  Last Saturday was Mr. Sidewalkshoes birthday (he’s older than me yay!).  Then Sunday was Mother’s Day, and today it’s my birthday (Yep, I have one short week where my  hubby is actually 5 years older than me).

Smudge would like to help me keep track of all these events if he only had opposable thumbs!  Eagle eyes may note that on May 26th it says “Last Day of School!!!!!!”



This will be my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by Breadchick and LB at The Sour Dough.

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  1. says

    Happy Birthday! I hope Smudge and Mr. Sidewalkshoes have a wonderful birthday celebration planned for you after the month(s) you’ve had. Even if they don’t, I hope you enjoy your day.

    Smudge probably just wants you to write a letter to his modeling agent.

  2. says

    Happy Birthday Pam. You certainly have some celebrating to do after the great news you recently received. Birthday’s are rights of passage after the past month’s you’ve endured so you’ve definitely well earned tons of champagne and an equal amount of spoiling. Hope you have a very special day and a fabulous weekend.

  3. says

    Happy Birthday, Pam! Hope you have a terrific day.

    So, does Smudge plan to ‘X’ out the days that pass leading up to the 26th? Let the countdown begin!

  4. says

    Happy Birthday Pam! Hope your day is magical and fun!
    Smudge is such a funny little kitty…I just love how you capture her personality.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Nancy

  5. says

    Happy Birthday! Now, if Smudge just had opposable thumbs, he could bake you a cake and wrap some presents!
    And a belated “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Sidewalkshoes as well!

  6. says

    Happy Birthday, Pam. Hope your hubby and your kities spoil you really good today!!!!! You deserve it —after the trauma which you went through recently.

    Are you smiling today???? I’m sure you are—but will probably be smiling more when school is OUT.