Weekend Cat Blogging #259


Patchouli is trying to encourage all the little birdies to come join her on the pathway.  It is so comfortable really.  All warm and cozy, perfect for them to rest their weary little birdie wings. 

And she wants to encourage all the kitty cats to join us here at Weekend Cat Blogging!


This will be my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by ME.  So please sign in to Mr. Linky.  I might try to do a photo recap if I can.  I promise to do photo recaps in the summer, but it’s kind of hard while school is still in session.  But I encourage you all to check out all the posts in Mr. Linky.

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  1. says

    Hi Pam, Yes—cats and birds don’t mix very well. There is a neighborhood cat around here which drives us crazy.. It’s not a gorgeous cat like your two are. It’s an ugly cat–and we are constantly scaring it away from our yard.

    Beautiful picture of Patchouli.

  2. says

    So nice to see Patchouli again. The pathway and yard are lovely; I hope he isn’t too disappointed if the birds fail to respond to his attempt at telepathy.

  3. says

    That is indeed a lovely picture with Patchouli and the pathway and lush green. Even if he doesn’t attempt to attract any birds, at least it’s a really nice day outside.

  4. says

    I almost posted my picture of Thor’s predecessor with his kitten, Graceful, just so you’d have lots of participants in your weekend cat blogging! How many birdies came to play with Patchouli?

  5. says

    Oops sorry not sure why it says Presumed Innocent. Patchouli looks like she could encourage many birdies to come her way.

  6. says

    Patchouli, you may be fooling the birdies, but you aren’t fooling ME!

    Here in my yard, we have some bad-tempered, big-a** Corrowongs..so my cats RUN when they hear them starting to caw! So luckily, they’ve now all developed an aversion to anything feathered..lol!

  7. says

    Such a cool picture!

    I’ve submitted in Mr. Linky.

    Today marks my real return to regular blogging after all the excitement in our house of the last 2 weeks. ;-D

  8. says

    Um, do you think Patchouli would like to come patrol my yard for squirrels? Just pacing the perimeter would suffice. Oh, and there are birds, too.