Weekend Cat Blogging #260


I know it’s not the best picture, but 20-year old Scrappycat doesn’t venture out from underneath the bed too often.  So, when I see her out and about, I’m quick to snap a pic.  

So, what does a 20-year old cat do all day, you might be wondering:

6:30 am – when human lifts up bedskirt, come out from the under the bed to eat and drink the milky water that has been placed there by humans before they head off to work.  Go back to bed.

6:30am – 2:15 pm – come out sometime to finish drinking milky water. Go back to bed.

2:30pm  – when human lifts up bedskirt come out from the under the bed.  Allow a combing and a brushing.  Eat (maybe), and drink milky water which contains thyroid and heart medicine dissolved in it.  Go back to bed.

8:15pm – slowly make way downstairs to find human sitting on couch watching tv.  Wait to be picked up and placed on couch for evening snack.  Don’t all kitty cats eat and evening snack on the couch?!  Eat and nap, while humans watch TV.

10:00pm – be carried upstairs by humans and placed next to bed with fresh milky water for late night drinking.  Go to bed.



This will be my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by Nikita Cat.

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  1. says

    Poor Scrappycat. Her life is so hard. She has to go downstairs and entertain you, and make sure you’re not watching inappropriate TV shows.

  2. says

    You forgot all of the daydreams about the days when she was the lioness of the property and ruled the yard :)