What Was it Wednesday


You’re looking at October 16, 2008.  Oh, I know what it was.  Edamame.  Edamame, which I decided to shell instead of steaming them and eating them as a snack like I normally do.

Bad idea.

That little bowl was about 3 hours of work.  At that point, I decided farm living was not for me.  I had already figured out that if I lived on a farm, I would probably have to stop eating pigs and cows and lambs and chickens, because I would have named them all and had deep conversations with them.  But the bowl of edamame made me realize that I’d have trouble being a vegetarian too, because I have no intention of ever shelling edamame again.  Ever.

***What Was it Wednesday – where I post photos from my backlog of cooking pictures.  Pictures so old, I usually have no idea what they are!

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    I love edamame but I am lazy and if I am not just eating them out of hand and need them shelled for a salad I buy them that way. I made a big salad once for a potluck, bought them fresh and went mad shelling the little buggers. I join you in not being cut out for farm life! ;-)

  2. says

    I grew up on a farm. I remember my dad giving me two twin calves for my 6th birthday. They were actually born on my birthday. I named them. Fed them. They were so cute. And then one day they were gone…I hear ya. They didn’t end up on our table but what they were was my first savings account.

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    We once had a summer class wit the kids scheduled and in came edamame and not shelled edamame which is called, I hear, wakamame.
    That would be 2 cups of edamame times 10 kids. 3 of us sat on the floor and shelled 25 pds. I have never EVER forgotten to order wakamame from my supplier again.

  4. says

    The first time I tried to eat shelled edamame was at a sushi restaurant. I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to eat the shell. Ewwww! Have you ever tasted Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus? So Good!!

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    Ha! Yeah I would totally be getting attached to my animals if I ran a farm. There would be no killing. And then the farm would fail. It would be tragic.