Blackberry Vs. iPhone Vs. Droid

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Some of you may have noticed the new Amazon ad that I have on my sidebar.  You might have thought that it was me just trying to get a few more pennies to offset my out of control cookbook addiction.  And while that part of it doesn’t hurt, I really am excited by this ad.  Because you may not know this, but…..

I am a cell phone junkie.

There, I’ve announced it to the world.  I follow cell phone news the way some people follow the stock market.  Everyday, I fret over the merits of one phone over the other.  I contemplate:

  • Why doesn’t Blackberry have fun apps?
  • Can I get an early upgrade?
  • Will Verizon get the iPhone?
  • Should I get the HTC Incredible or wait for the new Droid?
  • If I wait for the new Droid, should I get the Droid 2 or the Shadow?
  • Will I miss Blackberry email?

See?  Being a cell phone junkie is tough.  The whole playing field changes practically daily.  So, when I learned that Amazon was going to start offering cell phones, it was like manna from heaven for me.   Another place to read, to dream, to check out reviews, perchance to purchase. 

Anyone else a cell phone junkie?

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  1. says

    so not a junkie… BUT, i did just get the iphone and i can see how it happens! i live in the dark ages, always the last to the tech party. we barely just got complete cell service where we live, but now, for the first time it works all over my property. its fun… i spend my days gardening far from my house, tucked in my bra is my iphone, ipod, computer, email, google, calculator, hand held microphone, note pad, weather channel, well you get the idea, i thought my bra was stacked before, well now its packed! unless i forget my glasses, then its just a heavy sweaty rectangular box i am schlepping around all day with little meaning… unless it vibrates :-)

  2. says

    I’m asking the same question… will Verizon or Credo get the iPhone?!!!

    My current cellphone is old and primitive, according to my iPhone-carrying kids. I do love the photos and videos they send to us from the grandsons’ ballgames. (Sent to my computer, of course–not the O&P cellphone. :) )

  3. says

    Well… I’m not a tech anything really. I love the convenience of having a phone with me, unless I’m finally alone at the supermarket and get three calls for things to add to the list I painstakingly made before I left the house…. But I always say that we all have our own inner geek.. You must learn to embrace your inner geek! My inner geek is fiber driven.

  4. says

    I had never touched an iphone til recently when I had to test some software on it for work. I totally understand the hype now. But I’m looking to downgrade my current phone to “pay as you go”. I barely use it, so why am I paying $65 or whatever a month?

  5. says

    A few short points that I hope are helpful:
    – You will not miss your Blackberry, which is painfully slow
    – Apple and Verizon have and continue to be in a heated battle over control over their technologies with no end in sight
    – HTC incredible is pretty darn impressive with 30,000 apps and fast to boot
    – Google which is responsible for the Droid, is truly giving Apple a run for their money, catching up with apps and speed
    – Verizon plans to be the first on the 4G network, which will likely happen later this year, making all of their phones faster than even the iPhone
    – The biggest disadvantage of HTC incredible (and most other phones) is that it cannot multitask like the iPhone, not a big deal unless you’re into Internet surfing while talking on the phone

    I hope this helps.

  6. says

    I cling to my 5 year old Razr. of course, I sometimes use as much as 17 minutes per month, since I refuse to give out my cell phone number. I feel that if I’m not home, people don’t need to bother me.

    I also won’t let any of my kids get cell phones before they reach 18 and can sign their own contracts. Primitive, right?

  7. says

    You’d think I’d be a cell phone junkie because I’m such a computer junkie, but for some reason, I hate cell phones. I have one of course, but rarely use it… just really have it for emergencies.

  8. says

    im so not a cell phone hubs has been trying to push an ipod to me and each time I reject him….i like my hands free and no ringing in my ears. But ill have to admit they are very convenient to have around when u need them. so I do have a cell phone but only just.:)

  9. says

    I have no cell phone for the first time since they were invented! Seriously, I have had one since I began selling real estate 30 years ago. Don’t miss it. Don’t want it. Love my quiet life. How do you like FoodBuzz? I am thinking of adding them. But I thought you were not allowed to use other advertising.

  10. says

    I made the mistake of trying my daughter’s iphone and since then I’ve wanted one. For a moment you had me confused. There might be something better?? Then reading the comment from FL&B had me back on track with the multi tasking thing. I absolutely want to be able to access the internet while talking on the phone.

  11. says

    I’ve had a blackberry since October and I seriously can’t stand it…so much so that it’s knocked the junkie out of me! I do love the Droid though. My roommate has it and I adore it!

  12. Kristy says

    I love love love my iPhone. I’ve had one since the first gen came out years ago. Since then I’ve upgraded to a 3G S. My husband and I are pre-ordering the new one too. I keep my old ones for my kids. It may sound indulgent for them but I can put videos and games on there and it keeps them busy while out to eat and in similar situations. I’m so addicted to my phone that I can’t even go to bed w/o checking in on my emails and apps before I go to bed. I’ve even read 20 books on it with the Kindle app.

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