Weekend Cat Blogging #264


When you are a 15 pound cat and 5 pounds of that is fur, this is how you spend the hot days of summer.  I believe that Smudge is dreaming of a magical place called Alaska, where all of his fur might come in handy. 



This will be my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by Nikita Cat.

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  1. says

    Both my dogs are hairballs too, especially Shasta. Once in a while though, she’ll still go out in the heat of the day and lay in the sun. Weird.

  2. says

    Just imagine what critters do WHO have to stay outside in all of this heat 24/7….. Yipes!!!!! I’m sure that Smudge enjoys that AC as much as I would most of the time!!!!!

    Stay COOL and have a nice weekend.

  3. says

    I hope Smudge isn’t as miserable as we are here. We have had 96-degree days. P.S. He has moved since last weekend, right?:)

  4. says

    OR, he could be dreaming of a yard in NC where the chipmunks and squirrels run rampant and he could be KING!

    Made your Greek meatballs tonight and to say they were a hit with my husband would be a real understatement. Thanks for that one! Your record is outstanding!