Apple Chicken Salad Plus a Girard’s GIVEAWAY!!!

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You know what food bloggers love???  Food bloggers love to try new foodie things.  We just do, that’s a fact.  I might even try liver if it was offered to me…no never mind, scratch that!!  But when I had the opportunity to try Girard’s Salad Dressings, I didn’t even have to think about it!  When I learned that they had partnered with Epicurious to create Everyday Elegance, it was even better!

The first thing I did was take pictures of the dressings, because they were so pretty all lined up!   Which do you prefer??

Overexposed, but still totally cool, or more normal:


Then, after carrying my dressings around all over the house and photographing them, I settled in on finding a recipe.  The dressings came with some recipe cards and that seemed like a fine a way to start.  I immediately settled on Apple Chicken Salad because I had some leftover rotisserie chicken in the fridge.   I had everything I needed to make it except for the cheddar cheese, which I just left off.  Very good!!!  The dressing was light and flavorful, not overly sweet, and I really like the combination of the cabbage and the salad greens.  

Apple Chicken Salad

  • 1/2 cup Girard’s Apple Poppyseed Vinaigrette
  • 1/2 cup pecans
  • 2 cups shredded cooked chicken
  • 1/2 cup chopped celery
  • 1/2 cup chopped dates or other dried fruit (I used apricots)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 cups chopped cabbage
  • 4 cups mixed salad greens
  • 1/4 cup peels of age white cheddar (or not, if you don’t have it!)

Preheat oven to 350 and roast nuts on a baking sheet for 5 to 7 minutes, until toasted (or use a dry skillet, which is what I always do).  Cool and chop.

Mix with the rest of the ingredients in a large bowl, toss to combine.  Serve with the cheese on top.

Serves 4-6

Are you still reading???  OF COURSE YOU ARE, you are waiting to hear about the giveaway, aren’t you?  Well, 2 lucky people will receive 3 dressing flavors and the signature Champagne dressing!!!  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  You can leave extra comments if you tweet about it, or Facebook it, or blog about it.  I will randomly choose two comments on Monday, July 26th at 12 noon EST in the US.  (Also this is only open to US residents). 


This is why I will not be doing any professional food photography – don’t you love how I cut off their name.  Yeah, I got talent.

And besides having this fabulous giveaway, I am also entering this post into some events, because I am a genius multi-tasker.


This will be my entry for Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum!


And for  Souper Sundays (Soup, Salad, or Sammie) hosted by Deb at Kahakai Kitchen.

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  1. says

    “And after I walked around my house and photographed them” – classic. I love how crazy us food bloggers seem to the outside world 😛

    This looks like one awesome salad! Apple on apple action. Gotta love that.

  2. says

    Teaming a poppy seed dressing with a chicken salad is an old favorite of mine, Pam! Looks fabulous.

    And a great giveaway too! The peach mimosa sounds good to me!

  3. says

    Good Morning, Pam,
    Your Chicken Salad looks perfect…so refreshing during these hot summer days. Of course I’d love to be entered into your generous giveaway.

    Have a fabulous Friday. ~Natalie

    p.s. I’m heading over to post a pic of your give-away in my sidebar.

  4. says

    Your apple chicken salad looks yummy! I would love to WIN these Girard’s dressings, will have to look for them in my local stores too! Thanks for the chance!

  5. says

    LOL, Pam! (I did a very similar photo shoot w/ mine..lined up the same & everything, lol…guess they just cry out to be staggered like that). The salad and the shots are beautiful :)

  6. says

    Love the idea of walking around your house photographing dressing- ha ha! Love the sound of all the dressings. The peach mimosa sounds especially tasty! Gorgeous salad!

  7. says

    Yummy looking salad. I’m grilling chicken this weekend so I’ll be trying this. A giveaway??? Oh yes. Please sign me up! I love trying new dressings. Blessings, SusanD

  8. unfinished says

    the apple/chicken salad recipe sounds wonderful. one of my favs is crumbled cooked bacon heated with Girard’s Champagne dressing. pour over baby spinach leaves & sprinkle on cashews. yum!
    cindy at

  9. says

    In that shot where you do have the name cut off, the Apple Poppyseed stood out and I thought, “That sounds like the name of a character, like Pippi Longstocking.”

    I always loved the bottle design, it’s so cool.

  10. says

    Hi Pam, I don’t participate in Giveaways now –but yours looks yummy!!!!!

    Chicken Salad with Apple is my very favorite chicken salad… I also like grapes in mine…

    Thanks for the recipe… Looks YUMMY.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. says

    haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one that carries food around to take pictures! My husband laughs at me when I take something by a window, etc. He says “are you taking pictures of your food again?” They just don’t get it!

  12. says

    Ha! The photos. Yes. Non-bloggers have no idea what goes into snapping off those photos.

    More importantly, how do I get this salad to magically appear in front of me right now? I had the most pathetic turkey sandwich for lunch…

  13. says

    Your pictures are making me hungry. Those dressings sound so good, will need to look for them at the store! We’ve been on a salad kick here, going to give this one a try!

  14. says

    aren’t we crazy taking pictures…lol…my neighbors have no idea what I am doing taking pics of all the food, and my wife always waits to eat….sigh…
    have fun with your give away!!

  15. says

    You’ve given me the perfect light dinner to have waiting for my uncle whenever he arrives from Florida. I needed something that I could hold just in case he hits too much NJ beach traffic. These dressings could make life so much easier. I wonder how they’d do a the base for chicken marinades? Hope I win some. Ta.

  16. says

    Hey, I picked a great time to come back for a visit! Seems like it’s been forever since there has been enough time to sit down and read a fave blog or two (come on, admit it… you missed me, didn’t you).

    Anyho… this looks like my kind of salad. Can’t wait to try it out.

  17. says

    The salad sounds yummy! I’ll be looking for these Giraud salad dressings. The flavors sound delicious…
    Jane (artfully graced)

  18. says

    I love photographing my good foodie stuff too! What a gorgeous salad–love the chicken and apple pairing. Thanks for sending it to Souper Sundays!

  19. Michelle in WI says

    …and it just so happens that I have some cabbage from my CSA share! What good luck – and a beautiful salad.

  20. Patty says

    Pam, so glad that my first visit to your food blog is a chicken salad. I love chicken salads, of all kinds! Can’t wait to try this one, especially with apple poppyseed dressing.

  21. says

    Re-commenting here… just in case. 😉

    Mmmm! I checked, and you can’t get Girards here… so I guess I’ll just have to move back home.

    I loved the line “And after I walked around my house and photographed them”…!!!
    I carry my camera almost everywhere, even though the dentist did give me a funny look as I was taking pictures. 😉
    The things we do for love, eh?

  22. says

    Only food bloggers would say that they walked around the house with (insert food name here) to photograph it!

    The salad looks and sounds delish. I would love to find that locally as I have a recipe somewhere that calls for a champagne dressing or vinigrette, but haven’t found it anywhere around here.

  23. says

    You photographed that salad dressing perfectly! Now i can’t wait to try that recipe and all the dressings. And I am one of those that prefer to make my own. Good job.

  24. says

    Great looking salad Pam. I’m suffering from post holiday flabola so I’ll be eating plenty of salads over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. says

    Pam, you are cracking me up this morning! Great humor & a great post, too. Your salad looks & sounds divine. Yummmmmmm!

    We ♥ Girard’s champagne dressing but I’ve not tried any of the others. I certainly will now. Thanks for letting us enter this give-away, too but I’ll be happy to buy my own if I don’t win. LOL


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