Weekend Cat Blogging #269


Smudge is sure that I am finished working in the yard, and that it is time to head back inside to the air conditioning.

And you know what else time it is???  It’s time for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by me!!!  


So, put you’re link in the Linky thing and join the party!! 

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    This is the time of year when I get annoyed with my garden. It’s hot, humid and buggy. Everything is looking tired and leggy. The weeds (namely, the nut grass!) are getting out of control. Hardly anything is blooming–well, the butterfly bushes are looking nice, as is the garden phlox. Thank goodness for annuals. The vinca and verbena add nice bursts of color to an otherwise dull flower bed.

    Seriously, I’m beginning to long for fall.

  2. says

    Smudge is so pretty, Pam…. BUT–with all of that fur, I’m sure that Smudge would much rather be INSIDE (like I would be)… ha

    Have a great weekend. We are having a little rain this morning.

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    Smudge has the right idea, I think that I would melt in the south.. one large pool of Kafooster. Smudge is handling it better than I would!

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    Thor says he’ll share his a/c vent with Smudge. Critters have to stick together, after all, even when their deranged humans insist on staying out in the yard.

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    It is too hot for cats and humans, isn’t it? Vincent goes out on the deck but not for too long at a time.

    Thanks for hosting! I know you’ve had a busy, busy summer.

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    I may have a contribution tonite, or tomorrow, depending how much of my attention is diverted to taking care of Daddy’s sore shoulder (He had a bike accident (The poor bike actually came out worse than he did!). ;-D

    What I have done is link to the first of 2 posts about the edumication of little Elvira (It links to Part 2!).

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    D: Sorry for doublepasting my link in the autolinks.

    I’m a silly kitty. D:

    But anyway.

    I’m in PA, it’s actually not that bad out, around 78 degrees right now. Better than 90. x_X

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    Hey Chef, do they think they are Cats?

    The reason I ask is that I know 2 Purebred Rottweilers who were raised, from birth, by my Uncles large brood of Cats. ;-D

    Those Dogs would roughhouse with the Cats, and never dream of harming a hair of them.

    Of couse, what do you expect from a couple of mutts who were capable of learning how to “Yodel”. ;-D

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    Smudge is so cute, and Smudge looks like she has lots of pretty fur! Does Smudge leave lots of fur around as gifts to you, as I leave lots of fur for my humans?