Garden Tuesday – Dreaming

Shoes and snow

You know, I have never learned to embrace the “here and now”

Because it’s the first week of school, and I’m already hoping for this.

Of course, if the here and now wasn’t 98 degrees, I might be able to embrace it a little more. 

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  1. says

    I try to avoid anything 98 degrees, that makes any here and now feel too sticky! Don’t worry, tomorrow is hump day, then it’ll be all downhill from there.

  2. says

    I’d love to walk out tomorrow and find this and maybe for a week – just to get a break from the heat. If I had a bunch of cash I didn’t know what to do with, I’d fly down to southern South America and enjoy a little of their winter.

  3. says

    We are sweltering too, Pam. I am so over this! Sorry you have to go back to school so early in August. I enjoyed the snow photos. dreaming of winter………

  4. says

    I feel the same way. Bring on the fall weather, the snow, and the cold temps. I’m not down with heat advisories!

  5. says

    Hmmm…that white stuff will be here soon enough! Then we will be wishing for temps in the 90’s…oh wait, it is only going to be 86 today! If only the humidity would go down!! It would be perfect.

    How is school, by the way? Do you have students yet? We have inservice starting on the 20th, but I have been stopping over and working in my room a little bit now and then.

    Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

  6. says

    Well, I for one remember last summer, where it never even broke 70 until the second week of August, and am not unhappy with temps in the 80s and low 90s. Besides, I’ll be griping like it’s the end of the world in January, and wishing for the 90 degree days!

  7. says

    Ha! I just posted a status update on FB that said pretty much the same. This heat wave really needs to break soon. I swore I wouldn’t complain about the weather after such a miserable winter. Ha!