A Very Un-Techy Droid X Review

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If you are here because you searched for “Droid X Review” and you are looking for a nice spec laden review, you are at the wrong place.  I am not going to talk about rooting (don’t even know what that is) or specs (you can find them all over the place) or froyo (which to me is frozen yogurt).  This is a review from a foodie, gardening, book loving, wine drinking blogger.

Droid X Vs Blackberry Curve

Okay first off, let’s begin with size.  I am switching from my adorable little Blackberry Curve to the equally adorable, but lots bigger Droid X.   Check out that increase in screen real estate!  I have no trouble with the size difference, it’s not awkward at all.  It’s pretty much a two-handed phone, but I really don’t miss being able to do one handed Blackberry maneuvers at all.

The biggest change besides going from a little itty bitty screen to a bigger screen, was to go to seven screens!!  That’s right, there are seven home screens!!  You can customize it to use less, but hey, if I got seven, I’m using seven!  After spending hours and hours and hours on the Android Forum, I decided to load LauncherPro, this would allow me to customize icons (which I haven’t done), see all seven screens at once, and customize the bottom dock icons (which I also haven’t done).  It probably does lots more too, but that is basically what I get out of it! 

You’re probably wondering what in the world does one do with seven screens on a phone?!  Fill them up of course!  Since these pictures were taken, just two days ago, I’ve added about 5 more apps!  That’s the beauty of this phone, it is going to be a work-in-progress for many months! 

Below are my first three screens.  The first screen contains my sort-of fun miscellaneous apps.  They are Amazon MP3 downloader, barcode scanner, Google Goggles, Google Night Sky (because who doesn’t want to know what stars they are looking at), Kindle (Yea!), Ratio (more later), Shazam (amused us thoroughly during a trip to Atlanta where we tested it with all of my husband’s obscure jazz and blues), and Shop Savvy (where I can scan the barcode of something and within seconds find out the price and locations of it near me and on the web).  The second screen is all things camera-y.  A camera, camcorder, Flickr shortcut, and picture gallery.  I also have a picture slideshow widget (who has the prettiest daughters and the cutest grandson???)  The third screen is my social networking screen with apps for mail, shortcuts for websites, texting, and Youtube.

First 3 Droid X Screens


My last four screens, organized only slightly, with still lots of room!  Fourth screen – clock and weather widget.  Fifth screen – the white part is actually a week at a glance calendar (it washed out in the photo) and to-do widget (love my to-do lists).  Sixth screen – weather widget from the weather channel.  Seventh screen – some phone stuff – WiFi, backgrounds, battery life. 



See!  Now you wish you had seven screens, don’t you?!  Below are some pics to just show you some various screens.  The first is a texting exchange between hubs and I.  I love how it’s organized, so much cuter than my Blackberry!  Next is Twitter, big and easy to read, hi Girlichef!   Last is one of my pics on Flickr.  It is so gorgeous and clear.


And since this is a Foodie blog, here is a cool app from Michael Ruhlman,  called Ratio


You may have noticed that I did not review the camera.  I only started playing with the camera this morning and am not super impressed with the pictures, but I am totally not ruling out operator error.  So, I am reserving my judgment on that.  I also haven’t even played with the video recording at all.

In conclusion, I love my phone!!  Love, love, love it!  I use it for everything.  I’ve downloaded a grocery app that let’s me add items to my list by scanning the barcode.  The other day, I drove to a friend’s house who lives in one of those crazy subdivisions where it’s like a maze.  Since I had her name and address in my contacts, I just selected her, and hit the map it button and there was her house on a map.  I could have had it give me turn by turn directions if I had wanted.  The screen is beautiful (please remember the above photos have been compressed and resized so this wouldn’t take five weeks to load and really don’t show how gorgeous it is).  I can do everything I can do on my computer, surf the web, watch movies, oh and make phone calls! 

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  1. says

    Good Morning, Pam,
    Your post today could have been better timing. Our contract is up and we are selecting new phones here too. It took me months to learn my Blackberry…so I’m kinda dreading a switch…

    But I’m thinking you may have convinced me to go for something bigger and better! Thanks!!

    Take care ~Natalie

  2. says

    I just switched from a Blackberry to the new Droid for AT+T…I think it’s called Galaxy or something. I adore it! Granted, I have not used my 7 screens to their full potential yet. But I should. I really should.

  3. says

    I’m turning in my Blackberry this month and couldn’t be happier. Oh, it’s been a good phone, but I’m very anxious for the large screen and all those fabulously fun aps. I’ll probably go with the I-phone, but this Droid is certainly worth looking in to.

  4. says

    You put me to shame. I still have a VERY old Nokia that I don’t know how to use and consequently is never on. Ya’ think I need to “grow up”???

  5. says

    Wow—does it cook dinner and clean your house for you???? ha ha ha….. Glad you like your new Droid..

    We’re waiting for Verizon to begin selling the iPhone–and we may switch to it….


  6. says

    I swear, I would not know how to use that thing.. I bow down to your greatness. On the other hand I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who uses her texting all the time and she said (really, she did) “I wish that I had one of those phones where you could just talk into it” I did point out to her that in fact, she did, that she could use the phone to just talk to someone, and she corrected me by saying.. “NO, I mean like, talk to the screen and it would convert it to text.” Now I ask you, was it any wonder that I walked away with blood coming out of my mouth from the bitten tongue???

  7. says

    Looks like a fun phone! I used to have the G4 or whatever it was called but I dropped it too many times. Now I’m using a dinosaur of a phone until it’s time to upgrade. I love the ratios application on yours. Nice!

  8. says

    Through no fault of my own,I have a Droid. (I think my kids got free touch screen phones if I had a Droid). Pretty amazing just what you can do with a phone.

  9. says

    WOW! I am glad your phone can find your friend’s house….because she will now expect more visits. But leave the phone in your car when you get there… because it scares me.


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