Garden Tuesday – Daylilies


I don’t know about you, but my garden is looking pretty ragged right now.  We haven’t had rain in weeks, and even though I run the sprinkler every other day, it just can’t compete with the 90+ degree days that we were having.


So, I bring you some daylilies from June.  June, when things were blooming and it actually dripped water from the sky every now and then.


It was such an innocent time.  A promise of daily beauty.  Shattered by relentless heat and rain clouds that seemed to divide on purpose right around us. 

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  1. says

    Beautiful lilies! Our days are a bit cooler now and we actually had a little rain yesterday, but it it’s too late. Everything is a bit sad looking.

  2. says

    they are really beautiful! We are having beautiful weather here, bu that always includes rain for me.. We are just getting enough rain rignt now for every thing to start turning green again instead of the summer brown thing that our lawns do.. Absolute shocks new comers when they see us let our lawns go dormant, for like, the 6 weeks with minimal rain…

  3. says

    Hi Pam, We just had a doozy of a storm yesterday, here in the midwest! We’re supposed to get more rain this afternoon. Maybe the water is heading your way. Flowers that beautiful should have glorious rain! ;-)

  4. says

    So beautiful. I’m sure your garden is wonderful any time of year. Just ask your kitties!
    I am back in the land of coastal fog, and I’m LOVING it! For now, anyway.

  5. says

    Ragged and scrappy is how I usually look after a long hot summer. I have a great deal of empathy with your garden. How fortunate that June’s daylillies were so attractive.