Garden Tuesday

Moonbean Coreopsis

Moonbeam Coreopsis.  Aren’t they pretty?  Or at least they were on June 4th.  Now they are a shriveled mass of black fernlike leaves.


Delicate astilbes flourished in the springtime and early summer rains.  Who knew they would be the last rains for weeks?


Look, there’s even water on the leaves on this nandina.  June 4th was such an innocent happy time, with flowers blooming, and rain falling. 

I’m sorry.  I promise that next week’s Garden Tuesday will be more upbeat.  Unless we get no rain for another week.  And then I may have to title this Dead Garden Tuesday.

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    Pam – regarding your comment about 503 errors on Marjie’s blog, I’m getting a lot of them as well and glad to know I’m not alone as I thought it was just my computer.

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    Purdy!! We’ve had quite a bit of rain this past week, but it’s the end of the season my garden. Not much blooming except some annuals and the butterfly bush. At this point, I’m ready to put it all to bed until next spring.

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    Beautiful photos Pam.

    By the end of August our garden begins looking very tired, and now many plants look like toast. :0(

    It’s nearly time for us to trim back and put everything to bed for the winter. Rain will be here soon enough and I wish I could send you some. At least you have your colorful photos to help get you through until spring! xo

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    Hi Pam, Did you all get any rain the past couple of days… We got VERY VERY little –about 1/10th of an inch total. Like you, we need rain badly.. Too bad we didn’t get much this week.

    BUT–I do love the cooler temperatures. Your flowers are pretty… Our roses are still pretty here. We want to buy some fall Pansies to add some color in the yard.

    Have a great day. How’s school this Fall?

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    It’s raining here today, but at least it’s warmed up to 67. Tomorrow we’re promised sunshine, unless the weather dude has lied, again.

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    We usually get the rains in the late afternoon during the summer. Some of our growing season is just starting. I love seeing how pretty other’s gardens are. Love the purple one!

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    Nothing turning pretty shades of fall colors in your garden? Heat wave out west but the roses are liking it as long as they get ample water.

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    Coreopsis has always been one of my favorites for yellow. Yours are beautiful. There are so many varieties that work well in our normally dry Southwest climate. However, this year has been unusually wet for this desert. I think we got more than our fair share. Hope you get some rain soon.