Shameless Plea – Journalism Job for Kate!


I would like to interrupt this foodie, bookish, garden-y, wine-y blog for a very selfish post.  Yep.  My youngest, Kate is all grown up and ready to join the unfortunate reality of the workaday world. 

She is searching for a multimedia journalism job pretty much anywhere!  She is willing, ready and able to go to just about any state and any country!  I know that I have lots of loyal readers scattered about the globe, so I thought, “Why not, maybe someone knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone.  Or maybe you are the someone!”

She has two resume sites:

Kate at ViscualCV

Kate’s Tumblr

Isn’t she amazing?!  I take full credit for all of her amazingness.  Well, maybe I have to share some with hubs, and then I guess maybe her biological mother and father.  Nope, you know what, I take full credit.  This amazing, awesome, talented girl is brought to you by me, me alone, I take full credit, because I can, it’s my blog, I have the power.

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  1. says

    Heck, I wish I WAS the person! Sadly, even if I did know someone, this little berg I live in would not be what Kate is looking for, or deserves. Best of luck to her in finding her niche!

  2. says

    I wish your daughter all the luck in the world seeking her employment. She is one amazing individual, which is evident from reading her story on Tumblr. I’m sure destiny will guide her to her next adventure.

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    I love that you’re stumping for one of your kids. That’s the job of a good parent! I used to work at a newspaper (Sacramento), so I’ll put in a phone call. It’s a long shot…not the best time to be looking for employment. Ugh. Will e-mail if I have good news…

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    I say take all the credit! If you don’t blow your own horn, nobody’s gonna blow it for you – ha!!

    So I will put my thinking cap on to see if I can think of anyone who could help.

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    I hope your plea is answered! I would be sure to take all the credit for Kate (love the name too) because she is very talented and beautiful.

  6. says

    What a gorgeous woman! Isn’t it unreal to turn around one day and see this amazing person who is your child?
    Much luck to her in her search.