Weekend Cat Blogging #276


Patchouli looks a little confused.  Why are we posting Weekend Cat Blogging on Friday???  We always post on Saturday. 

Because we are hosting, silly!!!  That’s right, leave your kitty cat link with Mr. Linky below and join in on the fun!!! 



This will be my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by ME.

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  1. says

    Poor Patchouli! She told Thor that you never tried to teach her about the calendar, and that’s just too hard for doggies and cats anyway, and here you are messing with her schedule. She can come spend a lazy weekend with Thor if she likes. He’s a good friend to cats.

  2. says

    So much has been this summer, in our lives, that Daddy, and I, let several popular subjects on our blog take a nap for a few months!

    Our entry serves as a reminder, and makes a promise. ;-D