Garden Tuesday–A Few Birdies!

Female cardinal

Mrs. Cardinal hopes that you are having a wonderful holiday week!

Bully bird

I hope you share better than this birdie.  Who, as far as I can tell, doesn’t actually eat the food, he just faces outwards chasing away in any birds who try to land.

Some sort of black headed something bird.  (It’s my Christmas break, people, I can’t be expected to think and actually try an identify the birds!)

Some sort of woodpecker type bird.  I think I disturbed him.

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    Cute! Such variety. All we have her are pigeons who were too dense to think to fly south for the winter. Oh what a surprise they are in for.

  2. says

    We don’t have Cardinals in Colorado…heartbreaking! ok, mean bird is a female House Finch, next up, a Black Capped Chickadee, unless you have the Carolina variety, and the woodpecker is a Red-bellied Woodpecker.
    Your Favorite BirdWatcher

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    Love the first feeder! So cute how the leaves are perches!
    Can’t wait to travel to other parts of the U.S. to see the different varieties of birds!

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    Good Morning, Pam,
    The only birds I have seen lately are the ones flying around inside our WalMart. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    Yes, I am giving my brain a bit of a break too! Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

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    Cardinals are some of my favorite birds, we have 2-3 males in our backyard over the past few years so they are always chattering.

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    Beautiful photos! And yes, since it’s your Christmas break, it’s always good to give the ol’ brain a little bit of a rest!

    We have Wattle birds here who are “meanie birds” too. They make the parrots lives a living hell, but they don’t seem to eat what the parrots do… They just keep them stirred up!

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    Beautiful pictures, Pam… Lea Ann got them right… Although, that black-capped Chickadee looks VERY large –and they are small birds… Everything about it looks like a Chickadee though—so I would guess that it is!!!!! Love the Cardinal picture. They are such gorgeous birds. We have House Finches also –and that is a female guarding the feeder.. The males are prettier with red heads. AND –your woodpecker is a Red-bellied….

    Thanks for sharing.
    Betsy—also a birder (sorta)… ha

  8. says

    I do love looking at bird pictures and these are wonderful!

    I’m pretty sure that’s not a black-capped chickadee, though. I think it’s a black tailed gnatcatcher. Chickadees (ours, anyway) are tiny fat little guys with short beaks…check out this link for a picture of the gnatcatcher: