How to Cook Everything iPhone App Giveaway **New and Improved**

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Bittman How to Cook Everything

Your first question, I’m sure, is why am I posting this giveaway again, when I just posted it on Monday?!!  Because it’s a new and improved giveaway:

1.  No, longer limited to the Unites States!!  Anyone with access to an iTunes account can enter!!!  So, everyone is welcome.

2.  In addition to the iPhone/iPod app giveaway, I’m adding a second giveaway – an iPad app giveaway!!!  If you have an iPad (and if so, I am insanely jealous), you have to enter!!

3.  And last, but not least, I have better pictures!  When I sent the link to Mark at Culinate, he was all…thanks, Pam…wow those are crappy pictures.  Just kidding.  He was actually very nice and politely sent me a link on how to do a screen capture with my iPod.  How cool is that!! 

Bittman How to Cook Everything App

So, if you are keeping track, and I know you are, in order to win Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything App for iPhone and iPad, all you have to do is leave a comment on my Monday post, today’s post, and/or  Thursday January 6ths post.  I will collect the comments from all three post and chose the winners.  Plus you can tweet and post on Facebook, leaving an extra comment saying you did. 

Bittman How to Cook Everything App

So, enjoy the better pictures (though my collage did kind of cut off the left edge), I am not going to go all the way through the review again, you can find it at my original post, which you probably want to go back to anyway, to make sure you left a comment there!! 

How to cook Everything Bittman App

And, I just have to say, after having a couple of more days to play with it, I love it even more!!!  Seriously you can spend hours working your way through this!  And how great to have it right there with you, when you at the store or at work trying to decide what to make for dinner!! 

So, don’t forget..comment on Monday’s post, today’s post and come help me celebrate my first Tackling Bittman blog hop on Thursday Jan 6, and leave a comment there too.

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  1. says

    Wasn’t going to enter, then it hit me….IF I win, I will just have to go out and get an iPod or iPad, right? Now I’m cooking on the front burner. Or better yet, you should have an iPad giveaway! And another thing…on your Monday post you said you were a happy camper. Come on… You couldn’t think of Appy Camper?? Happy New Year, Pam.

  2. says

    A friend shared a vegetarian chili recipe of Mark Bittman’s with me last year. Just made my spin on it again last week and it was a huge hit. So yes, enter me in this drawing, please. :)

  3. says

    Hi Pam…
    I have an IPad…and that must be your next purchase!!
    I love it…and would love to win the iPad giveaway.

    Hope you are enjoying the holidays…
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. says

    I have an iTunes account, but don’t have an iPhone. Wonder if my husband would let me put it on his. I’d even let him take over the cooking.

    My birthday is coming up, if they want to throw in an iPad.

  5. Anonymous says

    You’ve got to love how technology broadens our minds–this one might help broaden our hips too:(

    Auntie J

  6. says

    Please enter me in your wonderful Appy New Year giveaway! Your blog and Mark Bittman rock my world! Hard! Wishing you a wonderful year of wine, cooking, books and your wonderful photography!


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