Garden Tuesday–January Snow!


Yeah.   I need to learn how to adjust my settings in the blinding snow.  Some you may recognize the geraniums still in their pots on the porch.  Probably need to bring the pots in before they freeze and crack.  Just as soon as it gets above 20 degrees, I’ll get right on that.

car in snow

This is the south, people.  This car didn’t go anywhere for 5 days.

Yeah.  So, we had a snow day.  Lots of snow days.  5 whole days.  A week.  I was happy.


Smudge was not.

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  1. says

    You guys down south need to tell the New York Dept. of Ed. that five inches of snow equals a snow day. They didn’t get the memo.

  2. says

    Pam it is only beautiful because it is in your yard! I miss the snow from living in Yakima WA, but not the shoveling and the driving conditions. Here, the rain is has it’s own challenges.

  3. says

    My vehicle did not move for 5 days too! Neither did the school buses. Nice little vacation for B. too. The snow finally disappeared yesterday, over a week later!

  4. says

    Poor baby Smudge. Forced to hang around in snow deeper than kittycat legs are long.

    Ryan had a snow day today, too! We only had 1″ of snow, but then it turned to ice. And here, 5″ of snow equals a 2 hour delay, not a week off. Which does not mean that Marjie ventures out in the snow!

  5. says

    Umpf, Smudge definitely doesn’t look happy. Our cats enjoyed playing in the snow. But they are just ordinary cats. Not as chic as Smudge of course :-)

    LOL about your geraniums. It might be too late to rescue them. Just guessing.

  6. Pam says

    No, I didn’t toss Smudge in the snow! We were going for a walk and he was attempting to follow us. He got about 4 feet out onto the driveway and decided that it was not a good idea.

  7. says

    As many times as I visited you I never knew exactly where you lived – I had it in my head you were up North – somewhere near NY! Smudge looks gorgeous in all that snow – how brave he is for wading through it.

  8. says

    We just have fog. When we are lucky it rains. My cats are SO incensed when the water falls from the sky. They would be astonished to have it frozen on the ground. Nothing quite as funny as an affronted, snarky cat face.