Joy Jewelry

Pretty jewelry box!

Okay.  Remember the post about One Little Word

Well, it got me thinking.  Hmmm.  Wouldn’t it be nice to wear my word?  Everyday.  A little reminder, if you will.

    From Lisa Leonard Designs.

And wouldn’t it bring me JOY to peruse through lovely handmade jewelry finding just the right way to express my JOY?

From Sentiment Redesigned at Etsy.    

  And if one necklace was good, wouldn’t three be even better?                    

From Nancy’s Jewelry Box on Etsy.

Lovely little necklaces that bring me JOY everyday, and help me to remember to get and give JOY every single day. 

Hmmmm…..maybe some earrings? 

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  1. says

    I love Etsy jewelry etc..:) Your Joy one..the last..I have a similar one with my grandsons names..They are all pretty..I prefer things like that to priceless Oscar night jewelry:)

  2. says

    After reading the very first sentence, I broke out in a huge smile! I knew something joyful was coming. And it did! Thanks for bringing me joy today!

  3. says

    Fun! The first one is my favorite, but I’m sure you’ll get a lot of Joy wearing all of them. The word I picked for myself is “productivity” – I don’t think I’ll be able to find nice jewelry for that one!