Weekend Wine Reviews #46

Misterio Malbec

Misterio Malbec, 2009, $7.99.  They say:  deep red colour, scented nose, violets and black plums.  Voluptuous palate, elegant aftertaste.  We say:  light, light body, lightly fruity.  Buy again:  maybe, but there are other Malbecs that we’d like to try.

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  1. says

    I’m a red wine lover and I think Malbecs are very tricky. Some seem so sour. I’ve only had a few I’ve liked. Colome is one of my favorites. Colome is a Hess Company and I love Hess.

  2. says

    That kind of cracked me up. Their description is waaay different from yours! Ha! They must hire some verbally creative types to come up with those.