Garden Tuesday–First Sign of Spring?


Finally.  When I saw these first signs of new growth on my shrub, it was like the angels started singing.  Spring is coming.  It really is.  Oh, not yet, I know, but..still.  Soon.

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    I am green…with envy! It’s almost eight in the morning here and has warmed up to a cozy 10 degrees. But, not to worry, they tell us it’s going to get all the way up to almost 30 before we get more snow over the weekend!

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    My daffodils are parading in the Springtime! I cannot wait! I too know that there will be more cold, but I sure have been enjoying the warmer weather.

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    Yes—we have many signs of spring up here too, Pam… I just hope and pray that this year won’t be like 2007–when we had an early spring and then a deadly frost and freeze in April which killed everything. Remember that????


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    Hi Pam, I have featured you today over on my blog and hope you can stop by with another great post! Roz