Second Choice Barbeque

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Last Saturday, I received a call from a friend saying that they were having a barbeque.  But the couple that they had invited had backed out.  I told him, I would think about it.  Second choice?  Me?  But then he sent a picture of some meat smoking on his smoker.  Does he know me, or what?  So, yep.  We went.  Second choice and all. 

His set up.  Very nice. 

His fire pit, which I promptly declared I needed in my yard.


Hubby (on left) and Dan, contemplating fire pit.  


The whole meal was fabulous.  For appetizers, we had smoked chicken wings and pork sliders.  Then Connie served a fabulous wilted bacon salad, which made me think that, really, I should dress all of my salads with bacon grease.  Followed by the highlight of the dinner which was this smoked meatloaf.  Smoked meat loaf!!!  Why had I never thought of that!!

Raspberry Wine

Then as if that wasn’t enough, Connie served dessert.  Brownies.  Love brownies, so simple and so good, but made totally over the top by the fact that they served them with a glass of this raspberry wine. It was perfect.  A bite of brownie + a sip of wine = chocolate raspberry heaven. 

Thank you Connie and Dan for a fabulous evening!!!  We were on our best behavior, so next time, we might even be first choice!

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  1. says

    What a great story, and just think, if you hadn’t been second choice and accepted, you would not be getting that fire pit, which IS great! Nice meal too.

  2. says

    ahhh, just the fact you were there sans coats, scarves, hats, gloves, boots is delicious in itself! The meal looked scrumptious, I’m sure you guys will get another invite!

  3. says

    It does sound like an excellent meal! But I’ve got to say, I would have politely turned them down with “sorry, we already have plans. If you’d given us more notice….”

    At something like a BBQ it wouldn’t hurt to invite more friends, I don’t see why you couldn’t have already been invited as well as the first couple!

  4. says

    The big guy makes a smoked meatloaf too come to think of it. I’ll be putting it on his to do list when he gets back from huntin’…raspberry wine and brownies sound like a fabulous idea too! Yum. What a feast you had.

  5. says

    Nice little cooking area he has. I love smoked meatloaf and do it as often as Bev will let me – she still likes hers baked. I’d go as 10th choice for good BBQ.

  6. says

    Smoked meatloaf. . . wasn’t expecting THAT! Sounds like a lovely evening.. . the guys don’t even look cold. That fire pit must be powerful!

    Hope your good behavior moved you to the A list. :)

  7. says

    Second choice or 5th choice???? It doesn’t matter. I’m glad you went. WOW–that smoked meatloaf sounds wonderful –along with that bacon dripped salad… YUM!!!!!

    Glad you were there though when there was NOT snow on the ground… ha..

    Have a great weekend. It is going to warm up!

  8. says

    Aren’t you glad the first couple didn’t go? Love the idea of that raspebrry wine w/ the brownies..I agree brownies are in a sweet class of their own like the little black dress..
    What a treat for you..
    I like their pit too!My son-law would do wonders with your friends..
    I would only have the option of adding liquid smoke:)

  9. says

    ok, now aren’t you glad you went!?!? What a wonderful meal. I agree with bacon grease dressings =ohmy delicious. And I l-o-v-e the idea of Raspberry wine and chocolate. Yum,

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