Weekend Wine Reviews #51

Cardiff Merlot

Cardiff Merlot, California, 2008, $5.99.  We say:  Very light color, smooth easy drinking, mild, low tannins, low acid.  Nothing special, but nothing awful either.  Buy again:  maybe.  Not bad for the price.

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  1. says

    Nothing special but nothing awful describes so many of my first dates. Which makes me more inclined to warn you against buying again. :P

  2. says

    Joanne, Barbara and Sandi made me laugh but there might be that an evening where I’m thinking, wine?? I don’t want anything special but I don’t want it to be awful either and THAT will be the night I remember your recommendation!

    I do love your reviews and need to go back through my starred items and try some!

  3. says

    wow that is a great price. I like Merlot and the price is great on this. I may have to try it. Have you tried Cellar 8 pinot noir? It’s really good and about $11.00 per bottle.