Garden Tuesday–Mr. Spider (or Mrs.)


Like my cooking photos, I have a backlog of garden photos that I haven’t posted.  This one is  from 2008.  Why am I posting a 3 year old photo, when it is spring and my yard is filled with gorgeous garden shots?  Because I haven’t unloaded them from my camera yet!

But it’s spring break!!!  And I will unload them soon, and I will be making my Garden Tuesday button this week, so it will be available for my small, but ever so charming, group of participants!

By the way, the spider and water droplets are clinging to his web, you just can’t really see it. 

LINK UP!  For Garden Tuesday!  Any garden shot and post will do, even from 2008

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  1. says

    Great shot- looks like the water drops are suspended in air. I’m having a battle with a spider that builds his nest every night where I can walk thru it every morning. Pretty soon, I’m gonnsa get irritated and take the insecticide.

  2. says

    Oh, stop bragging about your flowers and whatnot when we had snow on Monday and more predicted for tonight! Do you know how jealous I am?