Counting my blessings Day Two.

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I still have no internet or cable.

I am unable to visit your blogs, so I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t post anything too wonderful. (I’m posting this with my current most prized possession, my Droid X ).

No school again today, which means I have 17 IEP meetings to reschedule. And they have to be rewritten because they are date driven and the date of the meeting occurs a zillion places on them.

Because I have no cable or internet, I have been unable to see any videos of the destruction, but yesterday on Facebook I posted a picture of a piece of paper that fell out of the sky during one of the storms. It was from a debris ball that had travelled over 113 miles to land at my house.

The only pieces of my life I have to put back together are a few meetings and waiting for my cable to be fixed. There are people who’ve lost pieces of their lives that they’ll never find again.

Still counting my blessings.

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  1. says

    again, so happy you are safe, i am sure being net free is the least of your worries when you know of so much loss around you.

    bravo for using your phone to post, i live net free at the beach and could never manage my fingers well enough to communicate…

    115 miles, is astounding… and ultra scary :(

    i hope everyone stays safe, cuddle your kitties and keep counting your blessings~

  2. says

    We love you, Pam, and are glad you are all safe. The pictures of Thor’s Easter basket will be waiting for you when you get cable back.

    (((hugs))) from the also stormy Northeast.

  3. says

    Pam – The news coverage has been heartbreaking. Tonight they showed a satellite image of the path the tornado cut through the south. Apparently it can be seen from space. It’s been terrible.

    I’m so glad you’re okay and praying all our other friends are okay as well. The blogging world has been very quiet over the past few days. I hope you can enjoy a good book or two!

  4. says

    I’m catching up. Such devastation. I’m so glad you’re safe. Our thoughts are with everyone affected. Take care, and I hope your cable has you back online soon.

  5. says

    What a heartbreaking week for so many people. My heart goes out to everyone who lost their homes, possessions and loved ones. So glad you are safe.

  6. says

    I didn’t know that you were on facebook.. I’m going to try to add you… I’m still just so thankful that you are okay. I guess with no cable you’ll have plenty of time to rewrite every blasted IEP paper.. (I’m feeling your frustration.. it just kills me to initial all of the parent boxes) I’m amazed at the destruction that can happen in just seconds.

  7. says

    Pam, the storms were absolutely terrifying to read/hear about; so sorry that they hit your state so hard. We were on the west coast, but the metro ATL area was spared so much of the destruction that the rest of the South experienced. Prayers to all affected there in TN

  8. Nora says

    I never realized you where from the South. I’ve been reading your blog for about about 2 months now. I’m from North AL.

    Glad that you and yours made it through safely.

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