Counting my blessings.

No recipe today.

After dealing with 12 hours of tornadoes yesterday (first warning at 9am – last warning ending at 10:30pm), I am tired.

I have to reschedule 11 parent special ed meetings, which will be a nightmare. But it is nothing compared to the loss of lives and property surrounding me.

So, I will spend my day counting my blessings.

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    I am so glad all is safe at your homefront…are the girls and all safe also…any damage very close to you..Thank the Lord

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    I thought of you last night when all three networks out of Chattanooga preempted regular broadcasting all evening to issue nothing but weather warnings. I’m so glad you’ve reported in and you’re fine.

    As so frequently when the storms get to our mountains right over the NC border from Tenn, they split and go north and south of us. We were very lucky and got only a little wind and rain.

    Now I better go check on Larry.

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    So sad to see what’s happened over the past few days. I’m so glad you’re okay. Hope you get some sleep today.

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    Happy everything’s OK out there…Good luck w. the IEP mtgs. If I had to reschedule 11 I think I would throw something. And the speech onlies are usually pretty chill.

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    Yes it was terrible. There are 128 dead in Alabama. The devastation is horrible and the loss of lives is worse. My heart goes out to these people. So glad you escaped any damage. That was a long day.

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    I lost power for 10 hours, and lost large parts of 3 trees. But there were bigger trees down very near here, and I’m glad those weren’t mine! Glad to hear that you’re well and all the kittycats are safe.

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    That must have been a horrible experience. I am so glad you are okay and feel terrible about all the people who were not so lucky.

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    it hit us too, pam. the randomness of it all scares me to death–to my right, i see leveled houses, yet to my left, things are untouched! glad you’re okay. :)