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    Glad yours survived!
    My great grandparents had the largest fig tree I’ve ever seen. That was one messy back yard when the fruit was ripe!

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    I’m glad I run up on your blog from a participant in your meme. I will try to link up next week. Hope you have lots of figs. Have a nice day.

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    I love figs. My father has a prodigious fig tree that produces lots of figs each year. The problem is that the birds love them, too. I finally realized that the secret is to pick them just before they are fully ripe. I place them on the kitchen counter and they ripened quickly – like bananas. Best wishes for lots of figs in your future!

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    My figgy tree is in a pot, and we get tiny, luscious, sweeter-than-honey figs. Yours will surely have a lot of them. Sorry, no picture as I am traveling this week.