Bertolli Wine Pairing Winnings

Bertolli Wine Pairing

When the ever-so-lovely Mari at Once Upon a Plate, offered a contest for a virtual wine pairing, I believe I pleaded, begged, and left as many comments as was legally permissible.

And guess what??  I won!  I was so excited to receive this kit.  I totally love the wine aerator, can’t wait to try the Bertolli stuff, and I had just so happened to have purchased a bottle of Cavit wine!  So, I was all set!

The way it worked was that there would be a virtual wine pairing, you would go to the site, log in at 7pm CDT and participate.   And as much as I am loathe to share my ignorance with you, I will tell you what happened that night.

At 6pm EDT on the dot, I had out laptop open to the site, wine perfectly chilled, wine glasses ready, plate of pasta slightly steaming, hubby and I sitting..waiting for the start up.  Nothing.  Not a peep. 

Apparently, 7pm CDT is 8pm EDT.   I knew there was an hour difference, I just went in the wrong direction. 

From now on, I will only enter contests that do not require a time change.  It is apparently outside the range of my abilities.

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  1. says

    What a great prize!
    And you’re not the only one who has to practically count backwards and forwards on fingers to figure it all out. :)

    (I don’t know what the recipe was for the what-was-it-Wednesday chicken, but it sure looks wonderful!)

  2. says

    Congratulations on your win! Well deserved. As for the time change, I have that problem here too as we stay on standard time in AZ. I’m always out of sync. LOL

  3. says

    Wine aerators are the best. You can open a bottle, pour it through one into a glass and enjoy immediately instead of waiting 20 minutes to breathe!