Garden Tuesday–Sunflowers!


On a whim, while at the farmer’s market, I purchased 3 sunflower plants.  I figured I could squeeze them into one of my flower beds.  So I temporarily lined them up on a little edge at the back end of our driveway.  So, that as I pulled into the driveway and park (remember, I can’t get into my garage – yet), they were all lined up in a row.


But then, it turned out, they made me happy.  Every time I pulled into my parking place on the driveway, they were waiting for me, and they made me smile.  Really, is there anything more cheerful then a sunflower?

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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  1. says

    Just looking at a sunflower makes me feel like the sun must be shining and the day is going to be good…so yeah. I totally know what you mean!

  2. says

    Pam, very cheery! I can sure understand the enjoyment of something so happy when arriving home after a long day at work.

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    Your sunflowers would make me extremely happy! There are my favorites. Thanks so much for hosting. I’ve linked up for the first time. Have a great Tuesday, Candace

  4. says

    Makes me happy too! I need to visit the Farmer’s Market and find me some plants…I tried seeds and with all the rain we’ve had they must have washed away! Yours are beautiful!

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    Love the drive up I-5 through the San Joaquin Valley as there are fields of these beauties with their happy little faces! Great pics Pam, as always. You’ve such a talent.

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    That’s what I love about sunflowers, they do make you happy…then they make the birds and squirrels happy with the seeds!

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    I agree that sunflowers make me feel happy. I used to not like them much, but over the past few years, I have come to luv them. I planted assorted sunflower seeds last week. I just hope they survive (seeds are not my strong point!)

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    so true! My business card for the inn I wanted (that didn’t materialize) was a sunflower, and the name of the inn, LoveJoy, cuz that’s what you think when you see sunflowers! Love this!

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    We planted sunflowers a couple of years ago but planted them too shallow. When they reached full size they fell right over. I was so sad! I’d love to try again. Sunflowers are such happy flowers. :)

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    I always get a few volunteer sunflowers growing under our bird feeder and I let a couple grow to maturity. It will be July before we see any blooms.

    Hello from Nebraska! Visiting you from Fishtail Cottage Flora Thursdays. :)