Lemon Chive Roasted Vegetables

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Lemon Chive Roasted Vegetables

Are you ready to be amazed?  It’s not even summer yet (a week and two days till my summer officially starts) and I have already begun the “Summer of my Herbs the 2011 Edition”!!! I know.  You are amazed.  I will also keep you posted on my “Clean out the Garage the 2011 Edition” – but I’m not going to officially begin that until my summer officially begins

Do you grow chives?  Maybe I should say, “Do you grow garlic chives?”  Because if you grow garlic chives, you probably no longer grow regular chives.  The garlic chives run rampant through my herb bed, totally obliterating any regular chives that might have attempted to grow.  Garlic chives have a larger and flatter leaf, and have a combination garlic/chive flavor.  I use them in place of regular chives…mainly because I have no choice… I have no more regular chives.

Lemon Chive Roasted Vegetables

So, back to these herby vegetables.  I found this recipe for Lemon Chive Roasted Vegetables at Cooking Light.   I’m not going to reprint the recipe here, because with a simple click you can read it at the Cooking Light website.  What I will tell you is to pay attention to the servings – yes it serves 12!! As I started chopping the potatoes I thought, “dang, this looks like a lot of potatoes!”  It was.  When I attempted to add the pound of baby carrots, I finally looked more carefully at the recipe.  So, if you are serving lots of people (Marjie!) this is for you, for the rest of us, I would suggest possible cutting it in half!

This will be my entry for Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by  Lynne from Cafe Lynnylu

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  1. says

    Or you could just eat potatoes every day for a week! Lemon and chives are a rockstar combo. One of my favorites! I actually do have some chives growing in my windowsill and I really should make better use of them!

  2. says

    My mother used to grow chives –and used them in alot of her recipes… I never have grown my own herbs.

    The photos of your veggies makes me hungry… They look SO SO good…. Yum…

    Stay WARM today…

  3. says

    Happy belated Birthday, Pam!!
    I used to grow chives, but no longer. Never did grow garlic chives though. Your potatoes look just perfect with the lemon and chive touch! Love and adore dishes like this.

  4. says

    Thanks for telling me specifically about this! I always want a way to make another side dish, to stop the whining about veggies and such!

  5. says

    chives add more to a dish than one would expect from the little snippets, it’s true. this is a great side, pam–bring on the herbs!

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