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Listen.  Do you hear that? 

It’s the sound of nothing.  No students, no desks, no books, no missing assignments.  No school.  Free until August 3rd.

Exit students.  Enter my garage.  I will get a car in it by August 3rd.  I will.

Except guess who scheduled their mammogram bright and early on the first day of summer vacation?!  What was I thinking?  I don’t have a very good track record with mammograms so this was not a good move on my part.  I should have scheduled it for the last day of summer vacation, which is already a bad day.

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    Car in the garage, get a mammogram. Yeah, go for the big M and then work on the car thingy. Good luck, by the way. Sometimes being a woman is hard work…..

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    Yay! end of school day. (boo mammogram – good luck!)

    I like having a summer goal, like the garage. Mine usually involves the basement. Also, on the last day of school, you should treat yourself to a visit to the bookstore, and get a new book.

    Our summer vacation is from June 30 – day after Labour Day. I’m jealous of you now, but I won’t be come August 3.

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    Wow, is your school year different from ours in Canada. They are not finished until June 30 and go back after the Sept long weekend. Have a great summer! My summer goal is to make more planting beds and get rid of some grass. Along with painting the fence and a long list of small things.

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    We are in countdown mode, six more days of school for the students, then we (staff) still have a couple of days before our summer break. We ran a report yesterday and we had 6400 visits to the health room (clinic) this year that we had to deal with…whew now I’m really tired! Then we start back Aug 15.

    I schedule all my apointments in the summer too, that’s the bad part! Good luck!

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    My little guy finishes school tomorrow. We won’t start again until the day after Labor Day. Score One for the home school. The new high scholar has 3 more weeks to go, but won’t start until after Labor Day. And, since the last 2 weeks are finals and whatnot, and he is required to only show up about 5 times, I can live with that.

    Good luck with the mammo.

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    I still remember that wonderful feeling waking up on the first day of summer vacation (short-lived since I taught summer school, then became an administrator and worked summers). Ah, but retirement, lol. Enjoy a well deserved respite from the needy.

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    Hope the mammogram went well.. you just reminded me that I need to get in for mine… public service Pam… Also, once again we are still in school here until June 10th, which is forever from now. Especailly because there are looming end of the term projects that a 14 year old Aspie is loath to do, and that I have to make sure get done… aaack. I’m so glad that one of us is done for the year!!!

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    See, I think you were smart to get the mammogram over with right away…now you won’t have to think about it and can just enjoy your summer!

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