Weekend Cat Blogging #311 HERE!!!


How big is your pile?  You know.  The pile of cat toys, tunnels, beds, perches…. The things that looked so cute and so promising at the store.  You bring them home, unwrap them, proudly present them to your feline.  Your feline, who then maybe, just maybe, might even sniff them before turning away, walk over and get in the empty box they came in.


Coco is proudly demonstrating a success story.  This toy/scratcher/whatever it is, is wonderful.  They love it.  Smudge and Coco play around and under it every evening.  Smudge loves to scratch on it and sit on top, sort of perched, and as you can see, Coco finds it a great place for a nap.  We rub it with a little catnip to make it even more attractive, but really they love it no matter what.



This will be my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by ME, ME, ME.

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    I wonder if they make things like this for dogs? My puppy loves to lay with her head hanging over things like that.

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    I like this toy. I may have to find one for our Momma. I am so glad you kept Coco, that cat is so beautiful and oozes with character!

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    Coco looks very regal perched there ready for a close-up! This one I have thought about, and maybe will consider, but the house cat here is very “sturdy” and might not fit!

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    A co-worker told me about these and I’ve seen them in the stores. This might be a good bribe to get Jules and Vincent to forgive me for leaving them alone all week.

    Coco is too cute! Thanks for hosting!

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    Thanks for hosting this weekend. Coco is very cute! And that looks like a great toy – it has a nice shape and it looks like Coco quite enjoys it. We are once again contemplating design and might look into it.

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    Aww, I love the pic of Coco perched on it!! It’s always exciting when they actually take to a new toy, bed, etc. Usually nothing brings as much happiness in my house as a new box or shopping bag.

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    I wonder if ol Riley cat would like this as much as your kitties. What’s it called? And where can I find it?

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    My cats are spoilt, they have lots of toys, several cat baskets and even a cat tent!

    Coco is gorgeous. One of my cats is also called Coco :)


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    Coco looks so pretty. ;-) I might have to look for one of these but knowing my spoiled, picky baby Max, he will likely reject it and I’ll have to add it to “the pile.” ;-)