Garden Tuesday–Hollyhocks!


Hollyhocks with oakleaf hydrangea in the background.


They haven’t done so well this year.  They have rust and you can see where the leaves are all lacey like from it.  That’s a malva growing in the middle, that stuff grows everywhere!

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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  1. says

    I absolutely love hollyhocks. We used to have them growing up the side of the milk house when I was a kid on the farm. Such stately things they are!

  2. says

    sorry to hear they’re not doing well, but the photos are lovely.

    this is my first time sharing here.

    (i copied your code onto my blog but it was linking properly, i had to enter it manually… just so you know :))

  3. says

    I love holly hocks! I planted the black ones a few years ago, and they kept coming back, but not this year. This year, I have dark pink ones by the driveway. I love the surprise of finding them in new spots in the garden.