Garden Tuesday–House Finches

House finch

After the tornadoes on April 27th, we have only seen one gold finch at our bird feeder. 

House finch

Before the tornadoes, we would usually have a swarm of gold finches at our feeder.  It was impossible to tell how many they had, it was a constant revolving door of finches.

house finches

I believe I heard these house finches say, “Gold finches, shmold finches.  What are we, chopped liver?”


Edited****I’ve been told my link is not working. I am away from my computer, I’ll try to get it fixed tonight!!!

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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  1. says

    I’ve been having trouble with linky tools this morning… it appears I uploaded a recipe by mistake, instead of the post ‘around the yard’. I’ve uploaded that too – sorry for the error!

  2. says

    my grandmother would tell us they look like they’ve been dipped in raspberry jelly so that we could tell what bird it was. Great photos!

  3. says

    Well, there you go. I had trouble linking up and suddenly I’ve got two of the same linked up. If you can delete one of them, please do. I’m afraid to touch it now! ;-)

    I think I know where all your Goldfinches went… We have way more this year than ever before!