Italian Rice Salad

Italian Rice Salad

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time breaking from the old …one protein, one starch, two veggies plates of the past.  When I serve a meal without a starch, it feels like it’s missing something to me.  Goodness knows, I love my pasta, rice and potatoes.

So, when I find a side dish that gives me my starch, and my veggies, I am all over it.  Like this, Italian Rice Salad, from Cooking Light. 

I’m not going to repost the recipe, I encourage you to follow that link, because this really is an excellent side dish.  I made a note that it is the perfect side dish for grilled foods.  You can make this ahead and have it ready to go.   It would also be great for potlucks.  The only changes I made:  I used brown basmati rice,  cooked it in my rice cooker and chilled it in the fridge (didn’t do the spread out on a cookie sheet that they recommend). 



This will be my entry for Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum!



This will be my entry for Souper Sundays (Soup, Salad, or Sammie) hosted by Deb at Kahakai Kitchen.  UNLESS, I forget to email her, which is highly likely.  And she only encourages me, by sometimes picking up my links and basically allowing me to be a very bad blogger!

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    I have a few other favorite salads that are along this vein, so I know I would love this. But I’m going to sub asparagus for the green beans.

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    My kids could recite the rule from the time they could talk: “Two veggies, one of which must be green!” Actually, while my hubby loves a good meal of meat, he notices that his food doesn’t sit as well if there’s no starch and veggies to break it up.

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    I wish, I had been here before. I just made four different salads and I would have loved to make this. Another day.

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    You’re not alone…a plate looks empty without the side dishes. I can’t wait to start eating carbs again.

    Although I’d love this for lunch! Nice recipe, Pam.

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    You really enjoy that rice cooker. don’t you. I wonder if I’d fix rice more often if I had one.

    Do a bottle tree with lights in each bottle. You could be a tourist attraction.

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    This reminds me a TON of a rice salad I made last year, except I dressed it with pesto! Definitely makes for a great side!

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    I love rice salads–and I like how simple and delicious this one looks. Thanks for sharing it with Souper Sundays (and for emailing me too–you are right, miracles do happen!). ;-)