Knob Creek Whiskey

Knob Creek Whiskey

Is there a “Bottles Anonymous” group?  If so, I need to join.  I love bottles.  Blue bottles, green bottles, bottles with interesting shapes.  When Mr. Sidewalk Shoes, brought home this Knob Creek whiskey in this wonderful bottle, I swooned.  And then gave him strict orders to hurry up and drink it up, because I wanted 3 of them.  I had visions of them lined up holding pretty flowers.  It’s hard to tell in this photo, but this is a big bottle, and it has a sort of old fashioned medicine bottle look to it.  When I get all three bottles, I’ll fill them with flowers and take a pic, so you can see my vision. 

In the mean time, hubby, is busy trying to accomplish his task.  It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

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    I’ve got a batch gin bottle that is the cutest thing I ever saw. With only me, the level doesn’t go down very fast. :)

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    It is great to read of your need of a group to join, it makes me more comfortable with my own need of interesting stuff as well. Thanks!

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    If you find a “Bottles Anonymous” group, let me know. I can’t even throw a pickle jar away! I love, love glass. An intervention just happened to me where I was told, “You have got to get rid of all this glass.” It was hard but I did it, and they were just big pickle jars!!

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    I had to laugh! If you find a group, let me know, I’ll take my mother! She loves to look at the bottles in the liquer store – but she doesn’t drink! She always makes me laugh!

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    “Bottles Anonymous” so funny. I should join dishes anonymous. Flowers will be so pretty in this little bottle when hubby is through with it.

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    We took a bunch of our old bottles to Good Will. I kept a few but we’re really into de-cluttering around here. Can’t wait to see the pic.

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    I’d be willing to help on the other 2 bottles. By the way you also might want to collect Blanton’s. I know it’s bourbon not Tennessee whiskey but darn the bottle’s amazing (to say nothing of the contents). It has a snazzy little finial on top. You’d have to talk me into it, but I’d be willing to help with that one too! LOL

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    Oh, it’s a good thing Mr. SS is so very cooperative! I save bottles, too; I really love old looking, little ones. I also love tins.

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    I thought it was just me. I rarely met a bottle I didn’t like. I have hauled them over oceans. I think the Bombay sapphire gin ones are my faves.