Pops, Pops, and More Pops

Tovolo star pop molds

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here, it’s hot.  It’s 90+ degrees everyday.  So my mind turns to cool things.  Must have cool things.   Like these Tovolo Green Star Ice Pop Molds.

Groovy Ice Pop Molds

Or these, Tovolo Yellow Groovy Ice Pop Molds

Pops Icy Treats for Everyone

Or how about, Pops!by Krystina Castella for ideas on what to do with your pop molds!

Yep, after coming in from gardening and desperately wanting an ice pop, and having none in the freezer, I decided something had to be done about it.  Off to Amazon I went, and as usual, I totally fell for the if you like this, you’ll love buying all three of these things together.  And they were right.  I have already made one set of pops, and while eating one hubby said, “Maybe you should buy two sets so that we can have choices and always have some in the freezer.”  Silly boy, I’m already on top of it, not only did I buy two sets, but I also got the book for ideas. 

So, this is just an intro, a promise of good things to come. 

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  1. says

    Oh, yes! I’ve been tempted by this book, too. Thanks for going before, leading the way, and testing it out. I’m a year round sugar-free popsicle addict. It’s about time I started making my own.

  2. says

    Well, you know I’m excited about you making popsicles! I love the Pops cookbook, especially all the cool shapes and designs she created. I’m looking forward to more.

  3. says

    Now that my kids are grown, I never think of making popsicles. (We used to improvise…no pop molds back then) I love the cover of this book and it promises great ideas inside. Putting it (and the molds) on my Amazon wish list. You’re never too old for popsicles.

  4. says

    Isn’t it nice to have your great ideas validated by the person who shares the bills? I know more than a couple of guys who would be all over these!

  5. says

    I am ordering these as soon as I leave this comment! I actually have a great excuse….eight grandchildren! Not that a person needs an excuse, of course.

  6. says

    Oh, Pam…. I have visited your blog many times before and been inspired to go make some dish you’ve shared (or loosely based on a dish you’ve shared). This time I might end up with a much lighter pocketbook, because look at those impressively designed popsicle molds! And I need some gourmet pops to make in them! Why I oughta….. *mock shakes fist in the air*