Bonus Coco!


This is a bonus Coco kitty picture for you all!  Since we are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging this week, I needed to post it on Friday.  And I was afraid that for those of you that tune in here on Saturday to get your cute kitty photo fix, if there wasn’t a kitty, well….I just don’t know what might happen.  The world would suddenly feel wrong, tipped on it’s axis.  I can’t be responsible for that.  So.  Enjoy Coco. 

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  1. Nancy says

    You are right – I would have missed seeing a Saturday kitty picture! Love seeing pictures of Coco – she looks just like my kitty (only Coco is younger and thinner!)

  2. says

    She’s such a sweetie heart and that’s a gorgeous photo. Pam, you’re destined for greatness and so’s Coco! I swear!