Garden Tuesday – The Optimistic Version


I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here it’s a sad state of affairs when it comes to the garden.  It has been so hot, I basically stopped weeding somewhere around the first week of July.  It’s been so dry, I’ve  stopped listening to the anguish cries of my plants as I rush from my air conditioned car to my air conditioned house.

As I was looking through my garden pics, trying to decide what to pick, I saw these tulips from the spring.  What a happy time that was.  I remember, all I wanted was no more snow.  There were promises of blue skies, butterflies, and lemonade on the back porch. 

I’m ready for snow.

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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    Haha that’s like me before starting marathon training this summer…and now I’m that exhausted wilted thing after trying to train in this heat.

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    It is 59 degrees here this morning! And, I heard the geese go by overhead. I’m ready for the leaves to change but I’m not quite ready for snow yet. We had a very dry summer also but it’s raining today and yesterday.

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    We are wilting here too… I realized last week that I spend little time outdoors now and I LOVE summer! I’m just waiting for fall.

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    My garden is definitely in its tired period, too. Tired of too much rain, or not enough rain, or withering heat. I’ve let the weeds run wild, because I’m too weary to pick them. The chipmunks are getting more tomatoes than I am. I’m not ready for snow, but I’m ready for Fall.

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    Hi Pam,

    Your tulips from the springtime are gorgeous! We are receiving some much needed rain here this week. I’m really looking forward to the fall now.

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    Love the tulips! That’s a great picture of them.

    I’m a little tired of the garden. It was so dry in July, and then the tomatoes hit. Now the beans are producing about 3 to 4 lbs. each day. The flowers aren’t much too look at because of the drought. I am appreciating the cooler temps, but not all the rain.

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    The weather seems to be a running theme in blogs at the moment.

    I hope my link is okay and acceptable to you. It is sage from my garden.

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    I’m not ready for snow yet but I can appreciate giving up on my garden as well. First it was too much rain and now it is too much heat. Spring seems so far away already. xo Catherine

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    Pam – Tulips brighten any day! We have been fortunate to have had several afternoon showers each week this summer. But, I guess after the 4/27 tornado, we were done for the year (I hope)!