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Two for Sorrow

One of my jobs as an inclusion teacher is to go into the language arts classroom to help my students.  Since a lot of my students have trouble with reading, I spend a lot of time in there.  One of the things I’ve learned is how a story should be written.  The graph of the storyline should look something like a hill.  The story goes up the hill, reaches a climax, and then goes down the hill.

I have never read a book that illustrates this so well as Two for Sorrow: A New Mystery Featuring Josephine Tey by Nicola Upson.  The story starts slowly.  It sets the tone and develops the characters.  The main character is Josephine Tey.  She is writing a fictionalized account of two women, Amelia Sach and Annie Walters, who in 1903 were hanged for murdering babies.  In order to write her novel, she interviews people who knew the women and who were at the hanging. 

Just when you are lulled into thinking that it’s going to be a lovely little mystery having to do with the history of the women, you are jolted with the gruesome murder of a seamstress who may have ties to the women.  And from that point on the story picks up speed rapidly.  I could not put it down.  It was full of surprises.  There was actually one part where my mouth dropped open, I had no clue what was coming next.

This is a perfect blend of good old fashioned mystery, with enough gruesomeness for those that like that sort of thing. 

You can find out more about Nicola Upson at her website: Nicola Upson.

Paperback: 496 pages
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks (August 9, 2011)

This book was provided to me by TLC BookTours.  Opinions are entirely my own. 

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    Was this a book they read in school? It sounds so exciting, but so atypical of school reading. And I recently read a book written in 1951 by a real person named Josephine Tey. I wonder if that’s where the heroine’s name came from.

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    This one sounds fascinating – creepy yet fascinating. Thanks for being a part of the tour! I’m featuring your review on TLC’s Facebook page today.