Fettuccine with Bacon, Peas, and Parmesan

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Fettuccine with Bacon, Peas and Parmesan

If there is one thing I’ve learned from Cooking Light, it’s that a little bacon can make a world of difference.  Seriously, a few strips of bacon can add just enough smoky pork fat goodness to make you satisfied.  And the other thing…a little parmesan cheese can also add some much needed richness to light dishes. 

There are a zillion versions of this dish, and I think I’ve tried a half of zillion of them.  What is half a zillion, anyway?  I’ll have to ask my regular ed math teacher, she knows everything.  She finally taught me scientific notation on Friday.  It’s only taken three years, but I think I’ve got it now. She’s the same teacher that sometimes gives me the math test to take ahead of time, so that she can see where the students will probably mess up.  Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone has to be really, really bad at math.

So, anyway, back to the pasta.  I found this in Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2008: EVERY RECIPE…A Year’s Worth of Cooking Light Magazinea cookbook I highly recommend, it is filled with tons and tons of stuff I want to make.  But you can also find it online, Fettuccine with Bacon, Peas, and Parmesan.  Which by the way, when you go read the reviews, I would suggest you ignore the one star review.  How can you give a recipe a one star review when you modify the recipe so much, it’s not even close?  Faithy’s review – she left out the bacon, added dried thyme instead of fresh and added grated carrot.  Um..really.  I don’t think subbing shredded carrot for bacon is an even substitution in anyone’s mind!! 

Seriously, I’m still shaking my head over that one….carrots for bacon.


This will be my entry for this week’s Presto Pasta Nights hosted by Gay ourScientist in the Kitchen .

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  1. says

    That girl must have been some crazy psycho vegan (no offense to vegans)…or just hallucinatory.

    I live and breathe by the idea that parmesan makes everything better.

  2. says

    Don’t you just hate it when people write reviews on a recipe that they’ve changed so drastically. I mean honestly – why’d they bother with the review in the first place. As for bacon – I agree, it makes everything better.

  3. says

    Bacon RULES. I’d say about 3/4 of my repertoire comes from Cooking Light — they rarely let me down. I subscribe to the magazine but also buy the annual book each year, which is an easier reference and also takes up a lot less space than hoarding all the magazines!

  4. says

    There are a lot of reviews like that on Tasty Kitchen. It’s like reading Amazon reviews – “I love this mixer because it matches the wallpaper in my kitchen!” Seriously? USELESS review.

  5. says

    My sons swear that bacon makes everything better. Then I remind them that bacon brownies would probably be pretty gross. But bacon with pasta? Outstanding.

  6. says

    I love those cooking light year end cookbooks. I have several that I picked up at Goodwill!

    Butter is the same way as the bacon in recipes…you’d be surprised how good it is with even just a little dab, too good to leave it out! It is funny how they change the recipes so much. I would think it would be helpful only if it didn’t turn out and you had to fix it! Sheesh! :)

  7. says

    you don’t have to convince me that bacon is magical! the peas are a great component, too–i really enjoy the pop of flavor and color they give to a pasta dish!
    and hey–hooray for math, right? :)

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