Cholula Hot Sauce!

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Cholula hot sauce

Most of you know, I am a purist.  A traditionalist.  Quite simple minded actually.  If something works, I don’t change it.  So, when I was presented with a chance to try Cholula Hot Sauce, I didn’t need to step outside of the box. 

Cholula Hot Sauce

I knew what I was going to do with it.  It says it right there on the box.  Great on eggs, SOUPS, seafood…..  I adore hot sauce in soups.  And I adore soups, which is why one was readily available for dinner the very day that these arrived in the mail.  A few drops of this sauce provided just the right amount of heat and a lovely hint of smokiness.

Cholula Hot Sauce

Now for you more creative types, there are all kinds of flavors…chili garlic, chipotle, chili lime and original.  I bet you can do all kinds of wonderful things with them…I’m thinking the chili lime would make some fantastic hot wings.  But you know what, soup season has just begun, and I am going to be sure and keep plenty of this around for that!  Also, bottles with cute, cute, cute wooden stopper tops…you know I love that!!

Disclaimer, I was provided this hot sauce to try.  I did not receive any other compensation other than the sauce.  Opinions are entirely mine.

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  1. says

    Cholula is the best, although there are hundreds of brands out there and I confess to not having tried them all. Years ago I visited McIlhenny Co on Avery Island (Tobasco) and was very impressed not only with the production, but also with the egret rookery they maintain on the island.

  2. says

    Prior to my current career of retiree aspiring as a writer, I spent twenty years working in a jail. A jail in Santa Cruz California. Needless to say, that environment had a strong Mexican influence, including the food. The tables in the staff lounge were often loaded with hot sauces, among which Cholula made a frequent showing.

    A favorite was Tapatio, though on occasion some radical contenders arrived, such as Satan’s Blood. Some such as that went beyond culinary enhancement to masochism, but someone was always pushing the envelope.

    Thanks for the reminder of Cholula. I will have to get some of those for the new homestead.

  3. says

    I got the 4 pack and Trevor has fallen in love with the stuff, putting it on everything, even spaghetti.

    My favorite is the chipotle version, just the right level of smoky flavor.

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