Facebook ~ Like Me Please. Pretty Please. With a cherry on top.


What does the picture of the pumpkin on my front porch have to do with Facebook, you might be asking yourself.  Don’t bother fretting about it.  It has absolutely nothing to do with it.  But I am loathe to post without a picture.  We are visual people, are we not?  So, enjoy my pumpkin, and feel free to volunteer to paint my porch.

So, yeah, Facebook made some changes.  One of those changes, as best my feeble mind can figure out, is that if someone is not active on a page (liking or commenting), as of October 31, you will no longer see feed for that page.  So, I know some of you follow me on Facebook, and if you want to still see my feed pop up on your wall, you need to just go to one of my posts and like it, or comment, that’s all you have to do.  Pretty painless.  This also applies to my photography business page, which you might note, a little snippy like, that I am not even active on my Photography Business Page – I’m trying people.  I promise it will get more active and regular and oh-so-much fun real soon.

So, please go like a post or a photo or even, gasp, leave a comment.

Sidewalkshoes Facebook Page

Pamela Greer Photography Facebook Page

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  1. says

    oh really!? i didnt know that…does liking yourself count as a ‘like’ ? Looks like that is what’ll I’ll have to do..but off to go ‘like’ you now :)

  2. says

    I’m not on facebook, but I followed the link to your photography page on it and I love it ;-) Oh, and you’ve sort of inspired me to start my own ‘photography business’. For now it is only a blog that I’m working on, but who knows what I will lead to. And it is Dutch and all about horses http://deanderepaardenfoto.blogspot.com