Garden Tuesday ~ The Early Edition ~ Fall Mum’s


Yes, I know.  I’m a day early.  But see, tomorrow I am doing a book review for TLC Book Tours and I couldn’t very well skip Garden Tuesday, could I? 

And, yes I know it’s gorgeous outside and the colors are fantastic, so why am I showing you some mums sitting on my table?  Well, for one thing, can you kind of, sort of, make out the rain on the window?  And, I have been busy with my photography business, taking pictures of people, and not leaves.  Though I hope to have some time soon to get out there and get some pretty shots. 

And, I just happen to like my mums.  All through the fall and winter, I buy a cheap little bouquet of flowers at the grocery store.  Nothing warms up a home like a simple little jar of flowers. 

Please join me for Garden Tuesday.

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  1. says

    Most of the rains are either north or south of us! We have had a dry fall for the most part. Glad you are busy taking photos.

  2. says

    We’re having rain today to, at least we were earlier and it was wonderful! Sounds like your photography business is really starting to take off and I’m so happy for you! You’ve a lot of talent and it is great to see you using it!

  3. says

    It’s pouring here, but that’s better than snow!

    I love that blue mason jar vase. Any suggestions as to where I can find a couple?

  4. says

    Nice Post…The dependable plant, with the botanical name of dasylirion wheeleri, has light yellow flowers that resemble grain. They can grow up to six feet tall with an equally impressive spread.