Basic Roast Chicken


Roast Chicken

Remember a few weeks ago, when I mentioned that I just gotten All About Roasting: A New Approach to a Classic Artby Molly Stevens?  At that point, I hadn’t even made anything out of it yet.  Well, I decided to begin with the most basic of all – a basic roast chicken. 

Bring up roasting a chicken among foodies, and it’s quite the conversation starter.  High heat, low heat, wet marinade, dry rub, brine….everyone has their own opinion.  I, being somewhat wishy-washy and easily swayed, can be encouraged to try them all. 

Molly Stevens brings to the table high heat and seasoning ahead of time.  She encourages you to buy a smaller bird so that you can use a high heat and presalting.  I did both.  My pan was a little deeper than recommended which is why I only got good browning on the top – the sides of the pan kept the wings from getting good air flow.  The presalting left the chicken wonderfully seasoned all the way through.

I’m not going to type in her whole recipe here…for two reasons.  One it’s long, she goes into detail explaining what to expect every step of the way, and two – I love this book so much that I have decided to offer a give away next week!  So one lucky reader will win their very own copy of this book! 

So, tune in next week for a roasted potato recipe and a chance to win this book!! 

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    One of my friends got this book and made the chicken also…and her kids said it was the best chicken she’d ever made! Must be a keeper.

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    Gorgeous bird! I’ll be there next week. Afterall, one can never be too skinny, have too much gin or too many cookbooks.

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    I fall in the camp of salt the cavity only, stuff an onion and carrot into the cavity for flavor (chopped, if desired), oil the skin and ignore it at 375 for a little while. It’s a great way to do dinner, and it’s what’s on my agenda for tonight!

    You can just decide to give that book to me, if you want, to go with the new stoves I’m getting tomorrow….ah, if only!

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    Looks lovely! I’m a fan of starting the bird breast side down and then flipping it halfway through — it makes it incredibly moist. But whatever you did looks yummy, so just stick with it.

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    of all the cooking methods, i think roasting does the most wonderful things to the most random pieces of food. chicken, potatoes, marshmallows–they’re all magically transformed!

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    Fire roasted chickens are one of my favorites because once you have the basics down, you can take it in so many ways for variety.