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    I live ‘em all lined up in a row there in all their colorful splendor!!!

    I care too much and always end up overwaterin’ cacti! {{{SIHG}}}

    The are magnificent!

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day sweetie!

    Pop over to enter my giveaway, I’ll leave the light on for ya! Heeehehe!!! :o)

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    I had one stupid bud on my Christmas cactus. One. It fell off without actually blooming. Stupid bud. So you’ll have to settle for birdies.

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    I don’t know why my Christmas plants aren’t flowering! I don’t even see any buds. Maybe they aren’t getting enough sun? Maybe it’s because I repotted them in the summer? Yours looks so beautiful.

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    I have a darker pink one and took a clipping from it and started a new one. Both are blooming right now. I love them. Thanks for the pictures!