Happy Birthday Joy!!

Sidewalk Shoes Chicken Tortilla Soup

What does a bowl of chicken tortilla soup have to do with my friend’s birthday?  Nothing.  Except that today, I was planning on posting this picture of my chicken tortilla soup and explaining that yes, sometimes even foodie blog people have to eat the same thing twice.  Sometimes more than twice, or in the case of chicken tortilla soup, usually about once a month.

But then I remembered it was Joy’s birthday.  And really I should post a pretty picture of flowers or something, or the hilarious picture of her at my wedding, reaching across a gaggle of unmarried woman, to snag the bouquet.   But once on a course, I can not be sidetracked.

So, chicken tortilla soup picture it is.

Happy Birthday Joy!!

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  1. says

    What a great surprise!!! Thank you! I’m already having a good day and it just keeps getting better! Thank you for remembering and thinking of me!!

  2. says

    This soup is some of the tastiest I have ever had.. it has become a real staple at our house. I lived on it after my surgery 6 weeks ago. Carolina, this could easily be made veggie…. Happy birthday Joy!