Tortellini With Butternut Squash, Mushrooms, and Fontina

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As a rule, I do not buy prepackaged or processed foods very often.  There is one exception.  Not that I buy it that often, but when I want it, I don’t hesitate to buy it.  That is…frozen tortellini.  Yes, some of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, may remember me lamenting my lack of the Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment.  I just HAD to have it.  So, I got it.  I think that was 3 years ago.  How many times have I made pasta?  zero.

I have the feeling that even if I ever do make pasta, I will not be making cute little filled tortellini.  It will be nice and easy flat pasta, cut a little unevenly, and only slightly recognizable.

So, back to buying frozen tortellini.  It is the very best thing to have in your freezer.  You can cover it with a jarred red sauce, you can make a quick garlic butter sauce, or you can take a few extra steps and make, Tortellini with Butternut Squash, Mushrooms, and Fontina from Real Simple.

This was really a perfect fall dish (yes I know it’s no longer fall), but our grocery store is still carrying plenty of winter squash.  I did feel it was a little dry and perhaps needed some kind of sauce. 

I’m not going to type it all in, since all you have to do is click on the link above, zip on over to real simple and see if it floats your boat.

I’m curious though, if you were going to put a little saucey sauce on it, what would you use.  Because honestly…butternut squash, mushrooms, cheese…I can’t let it go.

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    well, I think the obvious answer is browned butter. but you could also go with a creamy sauce…I think tomato sauce would be too overpowering.

    I too use frozen tortellini…there’s just no way I’m going through the hassle of making it on a regular basis.

  2. says

    Yep, brown butter is a winner. I never bought the pasta attachment…I knew it would never get used. Instead I have a panini press and waffle maker. Get one of those – you’ll use them constantly :D

  3. says

    Use a light lemon and garlic sauce with it. Or maybe a white sauce, like Alfredo. That wouldn’t overwhelm the ingredients.

    And I love tortellini, too. But it takes a lot to even feed my shrunken hungry horde, and I’m loathe to spend that much on pasta.

    And I’m relieved to hear that you’ve never used your pasta attachment. That means I’m not alone in concluding I’d never use one, and should therefore never get one. Thank you.

  4. says

    I’m always a fan of olive oil… but I would more likely add 1/4 cup of chicken broth – just enough to moisten a bit. And I still have butternut squash in the barn – off to the frozen food store!

  5. says

    fontina really doesn’t come out of the cheese drawer often enough. as sauces go, browned butter does sound awfully appealing, but then, when doesn’t it? :)

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