How do You Empty Your Dishwasher?

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I am curious.  My husband and I are opposites in many ways.  One of those is the dishwasher.  He empties it one dish at at a time.  He carefully wipes them dry if they have any water on them (and they always do) and places them on the shelf.

I, on the other hand, empty the entire dishwasher contents on the counter, paying no attention whatsoever to any water clinging to them.  Then I carry them, in their somewhat organized stacks to the shelves.  With a quick swipe of the counter, to wipe up any water drops, I am done.


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    Well, I’m not certain my husband has ever really unloaded the dishwasher BUT he definitely complains about the way I do it. He hates that I put the dishes away with the water drops on them. My response is “if you hate it so much then do it yourself.” I do try to grab groups of like dishes (a stack of plates, etc) instead of doing one at a time. One at a time seems like it would just take way too long.

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    I pile them on the counter and then put them away. I believe in taking no more steps than absolutely necessary to do a chore.

    My husband, who usually empties the dishwasher first thing every morning, pretty much does it the same way.

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    Husband emptying the dishwasher? HA HA HA, that’s a good one. As head dishwasher-filler-then-emptier, I do it one at a time and use a dishrag to mop up the water that ends up in the upturned bottoms of coffee cups, otherwise no other drying.

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    More importantly, how do you load the dishwasher? Because I think it’s like a puzzle, where everything has it’s place, fitting nicely together. Paul just throws everything in there, wherever, and then nothing gets clean. This is an ongoing debate in our house!

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    I do not have a visual memory of my husband ever unloading a dishwasher. This is what I do: I get a clean dishtowel and pull out the top rack of dishes (these are usually the only ones with water issues) and wipe the tops (bottoms) of the cups and glasses, etc dry. Then put them away as I go. But, my kitchen being small all the cupboards are near by. There you have it!

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    I don’t have the patience of your husband to do it one dish at a time. I tackle it logistically based on the layout of our kitchen. Glasses first, then large plates, small plates, tupperware, silverware, any other special items. But recently I have made it my 11 year-olds chore, which is the best way to tackle it!

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    I do what your hubby does and my hubby does it like you do, although you can forget about “wiping the counter” after. He doesn’t do counters, sinks or bathrooms for that matter, but he does cook wonderfully well and he looks pretty good too, especially in his wranglers. LOL TMI???

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    As easy as it is I hate to do it and will often say to Bev that I’ll clean up the kitchen if she’ll but away the clean suff first, but when I do, it is like your hubby.

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    I open the door and let the air dry off any water there may be, especially on my tupperware. Then, I take them out by groups & put them away.

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    Is this a trick question? I find it interesting that of the husbands who actually participate in this kitchen aid, most of them are fussy about the water. Same at my house.

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    I’m kind of half-way between you and your husband. If there are multiple dishes of one kind, I will stack them on the counter. For individual items, I will put them away right from the dishwasher. And most of my dishes are usually dry because I never unload them right away!

    I am sending deep condolences to those who don’t have dishwashers as well as those whose husbands never help with this chore.

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    I blot any water on top of the mugs off, then remove a classification of dish/pot, pile it next to where it lives, and then remove the next classification. Then I put them away. Saves walking. When I empty the one in the breakfast room, which is located conveniently below the dish cupboard, I remove all of one item, such as plates and stow them in their home before going on to the next item. “Hospital efficiency” is what my daughter calls it. I believe that means “Use as few steps as possible because there’s always something else to do.”

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    My ex used to unload the dishwasher every morning. I miss that.

    I tend to work out of the dishwasher as long as I can then pile on the counter before putting away. By that time, the water has dried. I have a tiny kitchen so I have to close the DW door before I can reach the cabinets.

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    I dry off the bottoms of the bowls and cups/glasses while they are still in place on the dishwasher racks, then unload and put in the cupbaoard. IF there is hidden water, I will give that a swipe too. I let the plastic things sit out and dry completely before putting away. I haven’t always had a dishwasher, so it has taken some time to establish how to do it!

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    If a man emptied my dishwasher, I wouldn’t care how he did it. LOL!

    Because of my various pain issues, I squat down once and stack the big plates together, the little plates on top of that, then the bowls, and put them on the counter while still squatting. Then I unload the rest of the stuff from the bottom drawer and put that on the counter. Then I take the silverware basket out and put that on the counter. Then I stand up and put it all away.

    Also by the time I unload the dishwasher it’s mainly all dry so water is not an issue.

    I envy those who can bend over to pick up each individual plate!!

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    I’m somewhere in between you and your husband’s style. Lucky for me, my 6 & 8 year olds now empty and put away for me. YAY!

    Just had to comment and saw that I love the colors of the dishes on the counter. What a great shot.

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    I only WISH my husband would unload it but, then again, he’s a “banger” meaning he bangs the dishes against the cabinets, or counter & chips them so maybe I’m kinda glad he doesn’t!

    I’m somewhere in between too – I stack similar dishes together first on the counter, then put that group in the cabinet before going back to the dishwasher. Individual items go straight from the dishwasher to the cabinet and the whole utensil rack gets carried to the counter & put up all together. I never unload right away so I have no issue with the water drips.

    Funny I never really thought about this before. I’m sure our methods must speak to our personalities somewhat, yes? Oh and not only pretty dishes but nice photo shot. My dishwasher unload is never that colorful or matchy match – I usually have a lot of oddball dishes in there.

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    Utensils first, pulling handfuls at a time and sorting into storage.

    Then the bottom rack, trying to grab 2 or 3 things at a time that go in the same place.

    Finally the top rack gets cleared.

    My pet peeve for clearing the dishwasher is when my wife has our oldest son do it. Crap gets all in the wrong place.

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    A bit of both, if they have water on them I’ll take them one at a time and dry them (or give a quick shake to remove the droplets), if they’re dry then I’ll put them on the counter first and move them in batches after :)

    Not sure what my husband does, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him empty it 😉

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    My husband drives me nuts, he dumps all the dishes on the draining board instead of putting them away. Aaaagghh! I put things away a couple at a time, but don’t worry about the drips.

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