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    HEE. I can relate to this, completely! I buy the huge bags of nuts at Costco (as if they sell any other kind)…and even if I’m not running low, I buy more. Just in case.

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    We eat a lot of nuts here, too. I should look into a drawer full like yours. (Sadly, ours are not chocolate covered, since my dearly beloved is insane and does not love chocolate as much as I do).

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    We love almonds around here. My husband has recently taken to roasting them every time I turn around. They’re so good for us… especially those dark chocolate ones I see in your drawer there. Right?

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    Ohhh that tube on the left looks like it says “cinnamon”! I agree, you should make sure you never run out of those! :D Or rather, if you feel you have to many I’m more than happy to help eat some ;)